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The community of Pag Asa, with the help of parishioners, gives to 51 fchildrens the opportunity to study.The families with the children who could come tonight, made a welcome to the General Team, with dancing and singing.Beautiful to see everyone's joy! We think of Emilie blessing all these people.At the end they served a snack for everyone.

We also saw the group of volunteers from the pastoral Care for children with Sr. Marinez doing the food suplement.There is much to be done and the mission cries out!







November 1 and 2, we have a assembly of the delegation of the Philippines. In the first moment we reflect on the message from the Council of the Congregation with the profest sisters and at the end, we share also with the novices and postulants. After that we start our visit to the formatoive community of KAmias.


Dis you Know

June 2014

  • On the first day of the month in the community of Pag-asa   32 scholars were provided with their schools supplies: 19 Elementary students,  8 High school students and 6 College students.
  • On June 3, Sr. Priyangika said her farewell to the formative community of Kamias  to join the community of Pag-asa where she has been assigned.
  • On June 4, the novices: SUBAJINI Sahaya  Nicholas    and Hashmat Ashraf  started their modular clases (inter-religious) with the AWFP  -Association of women Formators of the Philippines as a complement of  their initial formation during their first year Novitiate.
  • On June 5, Sr.  Maria Duong went for exposure, as part of her school curriculum of activities , in Batangas to an Indigenous community (Aitas) where she had a beautiful experience of sharing their life and difficulties.
    In the Philippines the school year begins  in June, thus on June 9,  Sr. Grace Tusara started her studies on Education, at Saint Catherine of Siena College run by  Dominican Sisters. The same day Sr. Maria begun her Theological studies at IFRS (Institute of Formation and Religious Studies). This will aid them in their personal formation and enable them to help more for the future of the Delegation.
  • On June 10 Sr. Elisabeth Hemkemeier went to Daet  to follow up  the selling of our  house in Daet, Camarines Norte.
  • On June 10 all the sisters, except the juniors, attended the Formation for Formators at IFRS  (Institute of Formation and Religious Studies) with the theme: “Interculturality and Mission”.
  • On June 16 the postulants: Jeewani W. Fernando   and Jennibeth B. Sabay  started their modular classes (inter-religious formation)  with the AWFP (Association of Women Formators in the Philippines). A formation which emphasizes the Christian living, human development and the discernment of their vocation.
  • On June 19  Sr. Therese Elisabeth, from the community of Pag-Asa,  started a course on  Counseling and Spirituality at  CEFAM (Center for Family Ministries) in Ateneo de Manila ( A Jesuit University).
  • On June 21, Sr. Priyangika  received news from her family that her father was very sick and admitted in the hospital at the ICU.  She left right away for Sri Lanka. Her father is getting well and she took  the opportunity  for to have her vacation.
  • From June 24 up to 30 : Sr. Terezinha Kunen  went to Mindanao (South of the Philippines) for the formation of volunteers of Pastoral Care for Children.


  • On June 28, Sr. Genevieve, from the community of Kamias, attended the General Assembly of Vocation Ministry  in the Diocese of Cubao. A time for evaluation and planning of vocation activities in our Diocese.

Communication Team of the Delegation,
 Grace P. Tusara &  Maria Nguyen Tran Anh Duong



ARRIVAL OF PRIYANGIKA- January 6th, 2013. She came a few days ahead of Sr.Therese Elizabeth in order to organize some schools and parishes in the diocese of Chilaw, Sri Lanka. She was able get 1000 brochures printed with the assistance of Fr. Shanil Jayawardena OMI.

ARRIVAL OF SR.THERESE ELIZABETH- January 11th, 2013. In all the places mentioned below Sr. Elizabeth spoke about the Congregation and its mission while Priyangika translated into Sinhala.


The diocese of Chilaw is situated in the northwest of Sri Lanka, about 80 kilometers north of Colombo, the capital. It is predominantly a Catholic area with a considerable percentage of Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus as well. The diocese which is situated along the costal belt has a large population of fishermen who earn their living through the sea and the lagoon. The main cultivation of the area is coconut and it can boast of very many large coconut estates too.


Visit to St. Anthony’s Church, Nainamadama. We met all the Sunday school students from age 14 to 17. This was our first effort in search of vocations in the island nation. 



Visit to the Church of the Holy Family, Rajakadaluwa. There too we met all the Sunday school students from age 14 to 17 with the help of Fr. Chaminda the parish priest, who is related to Priyangika.


In the afternoon, we visited Subashini, a candidate who is seriously interested in joining the Congregation. She was recommended to Priyangika by Fr. Nalin, a professor in the National Seminary, Kandy, Sri Lanka. Sr.Therese Elizabeth was able to talk to her parents as well and get their consent to bring her to the Philippines to start her Journey.    


In the evening we visited St. Sebastian’s Church, Navadankulama and met the students and teachers of Sunday school. Later in the day we participated in the silver jubilee celebration of Infant Jesus Church, Karuwalagaswewa, with the invitation of the parish priest.


Rest Day. We spent the day with the family of Priyangika.


We went on a pilgrimage to “Supuwath Arana” (House of Good News), a popular retreat centre in the country. The whole family of Priyangika joined the journey and all enjoyed the company of one another.



We paid a courtesy visit to Rt. Rev. Dr. Valence Mendis, the Bishop of Chilaw. He welcomed us warmly and appreciated our presence and our mission, while extending his fullest support to all our work in Sri Lanka. In the afternoon Fr. Shanil was invited to have lunch with us as an appreciation of his support given to us.



Visit to the government school, Mundel, where Priyangika studied until her high school. Young girls of the age 15 to 18 participated in our campaign. They showed their keen interest to know our congregation.The principle was very welcoming.



Visit to Holy Family Convent, Marawila. We extend a special thanks to the Holy Family nuns as they were very welcoming and supportive. There was a huge response from the students after they heard the talks of Sr. Therese Elizabeth and Priyangika.


In the afternoon we were invited to the school of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Kadayamattai. They were still very young but we were able to plant the seed of vocation in the hearts of many.


Visit to the Holy Family Convent, Wennappuwa. It was a privilege to be able to talk to the students there, as it is one of the leading Catholic girls’ schools in the diocese. We spoke to the most seniors and many responded positively.


In the afternoon we went to St. Bernadette’s School, Chilaw. The special feature is that it is a school taught in Tamil, the language of the Tamil community.


Rest Day. Subashini, the candidate whom we met, came to Priyangika’s home to meet Sr. Elizabeth with her documents. They had a friendly chat with each other, while discussing the future arrangements of her new step.


We went to St. Mary’s Cathedral, Chilaw for a special Eucharistic Celebration. We were invited to join the welcoming of Archbishop Nicholas Thevanin, the Archbishop of Guatemala, who first heard the Lord’s call while serving in the French embassy in Sri Lanka.


After that we spoke to the Sunday school children in the age group of 16-17.


We accompanied Subashini to the embassy in Colombo to work out the visa process.


Rest Day. The day of preparation for the departure. Sr.Therese Elizabeth visited a family of one of the boy who like to join the seminary.


Mission for Vocation Campan in Sirilanke by Therese Elisabeth Thiare and The Novice Priyangika fernando




We thank our Almighty God for His abundant grace showered upon us throughout our stay in Sri Lanka. We also experienced the loving care and guidance of Mary our Mother and the powerful intercession of our Foundress Bl. Emilie de Villeneuve.

We also thank all the priest and the Sisters who help us to do our vocation journey more beautiful by their prayers and support.

We remember with gratitude the parents, the brother and the sister in law of Priyangika who extended their fullest corporation in order to make our stay a fruitful and a happy one. They accommodate us very well . We wish that our visit to Sri Lanka may become a fruitful investment to our Congregation in the future.

Rev. Sr. Therese Elizabeth and Priyangika Fernando

Mission Manila by Anne Beatriz Faye General Consulor


Thursday, October 25, 2012: Pope Pius XII Catholic Center

I spent the day with Terezinha Kunen, national leader of the Pastoral Care For Children is headquartered in recent months Pius XII Catholic Center in Manila.

Every day she goes to follow the eight dioceses that have already joined the program. Having long been started in the Diocese of Daet, PCC is well integrated into the general pastoral of the Church in the Philippines thanks to the dynamism of Terezinha always effective.

Today, it is recognized by the Episcopal Conference of the Philippines. In addition to meeting the training of leaders, the activities have increased with the integration of alternative Herbal medicines.

The poor, the favorites of Emilie are the primary beneficiaries of the mission of our sisters here in the Philippines. Having no permanent secretary, Terezinha is obliged to accumulate work. This sometimes makes heavy the mission.


A day at the base with the community Montalban
We spent the day with Therese Elisabeth Thiaré and five leader in Montalban Pastoral care for Child. We are an hour driving away from Manila community.

This is a new area where They transferred the people who were living under the bridge. The GOVERNOR built small houses for accommodate them.

Some have found their joy in having a shelter for their families, others have preferred to leave in streets selling their houses for a small fee. Sister Theresa Elizabeth goes to meet the families to assist them in their new lifestyle. Children (there are many) should learn to live with others and especially to go to school. And the parents to find the balance of the family . Poverty is high because most work in the garbage dump which is next. The program accompanies the CPC in the little things of life to the health and well-being of children. With the five basics activities: health, Nutrition, citizenship, Evangelization and Education.