History of the Congregation


history of the Congregation november 16 to 25

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The Team that rescues the History of the Congregation is gathered from November 16 to 25.That first day they began to sharing the research carried out in the provinces.What a richness to revisit our history and to see the fidelity and dynamism of the charism throughout the centuries!

On the 16th and 17th, Sr. Dominique Marie shared with the group the work carried out in the communities of France, starting with the provincial circulars.


Today, on the 17th, Sr. Anne Michel shares the synthesis of the province of PAO from the circulars of Mère Sylvie Azaïs and Marie Agathe Vernadat.


Emília María Calvo Shares the history of the Province of Argentina.


We started the 21st with the prayer oriented by Emília Maria who introduced us into a community of sisters with whom she traveled. Look at the photos: a work of art done by a former director of the Lomas school. During the prayer, each one chosed one of them remembering a sister who marked his life and asking for his company for the day.

Continuing the history of the congregation, was the day of the presentation of the works carried out by the province of México and Brezil.


On the last day of work, in the prayer of thanks, Nuria invited us to walk through our history, from the pictures of the Emilie's room, looking gratefully at the past, thanking for the mission that is taking place today and expressing hope for the future.



With joy, we are gathered for our second meeting of the Congregation History Team. Our first morning was dedicated to the Archive where Sr. Christiane did substantial work... 


Our journey on Monday allowed us to discover the mission of Africa in its cultural context and traditions, in which our first missionaries were inserted, animated by our fourth vow.