Discipleship of Equal

Discipleship of Equal

8. 7. 2016


Maricamen Bracamonte (Benedictine) is currently putting questions to the paradigms which dominate us and are boundaries to live the dynamics of Discipleship of Equal.

We move from the dominant paradigm, and as it dominates us takes away the life.


Courage is necessary to dismantle and transform them in other realities daring us to believe that relations between equals is something possible.


The impossible is an attribute of the dominant paradigm. It influences everyone an unbridled ego delighted himself to the detriment of the equal, which is the other.


We continued to walk, reeling off the patraical dominant paradigm in the light of the Word of God who is a sign of equality, freedom and mercy. Bracamonte says, "mercy is a movement toward the other. We were created to live in the heart of God and other. Thus, the isolation and distance no longer exist, and love becomes unconditional friendship, free, intimate open, deep, authentic, breaks down barriers. "


Invitation: Allow the reality touch the guts and let us go out to bring rehearse something creative that transform, which support the recreation of life of others - the blind see, the deaf hear, to anounce as Jesus asks to the community of John.


Today's liturgy has been moved by the delegation Amazon Bénin, which brought the symbols and the reality of their culture. At the end of the day, we had Eucharistic celebration celebrated by Fr. Cezar Ruiz, with the presence of Deacon Ramon Gomez.





The delegation of Haiti invited us to dispose us to leave, as Santa Jeanne Emilie de Villeneuve, walking around the Porto Prince streets and to touch the reality of our fellow brethren suffering faces, children carrying water, young people sitting in the streets, as pilgrims to side of the road and listening their cries.




After telling the missionary experiences that became an initiative for us that help us to the listening the cry and invited us to be involved, the Haitian community sang with us a thanksgiving song through the video: Mesi Bondye.



The advice of Maricarmen Bracamonte ended with a task for each province: how to move forward with these thoughts in our actions, how to continue inspiring us to be able to inspire other people, how to sew new embroidery of reciprocity and equality, weaving relations of common leadership, incorporating to others.


We closed the first week putting at the altar of the Eucharist everything that we live as a gift of life.



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