Resignify our 4th Vow - Cecilia Bentancourt

Revisiting our identity and mission blue, resignifying the fourth vow.

Theme: Revisiting our identity and mission blue, resignifying the fourth vow.


Day 4:07


 Morning prayer prepared by Mary Immaculate Province


Back to the history and walk with the first sisters who have stepped the soil of Mato Grosso and to rescue in their chronics, signs of their commitment to the poor: Go to their house, to be with them, drinking their water, share their thirst, as did Santa Emilie.

 Day 4:07 


Cecilia Bentancourt started the reflection proposed to this Council of the Congregation –  Resignify our 4th Vow - "Go wherever the voice of the poor will call us." Recall to the reports of the experience, the tradition and the theory.


 A short summary:


Re-signifying , shake old schemes, venturing to new questions. Back to meet with Emilie with her audacity and her passion for the poor, with her capacity to review projects done, before the new reality. Re-read our missionary vow - the fourth vow, undertaking a process of dialogue between the experience, tradition and theory.  


The charisma of Emilie wants to born again in every place and it invites us to disarm boundaries to include. This means expanding the concept of to save.  


Let us not fear, let us dare to the other shore!  


DAY 5 : 7


Morning prayer prepared by the Mexican province.

An invitation to recall our identity and mission, identifying ourselves with God's depths of mercy to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters as our own and leave our place to heal their wounds.  


DAY 5: 7


We continue reflecting on the 4th Vow and the workshop of the day ended with a reaction of each province on this commitment and identifies the challenges as sisters, brothers and Blue lay Missionaries .


We, Sisters, Brothers and Blue lay missionaries call all of us to live a mystical-political proposal, to leave with a merciful heart to find our brothers and sisters. Invite us to move, to break boundaries in communion, surrounding in a cosmic hug with the breath of mercy.


Jair and Neoliane the couple of Lay Missionarie offered a Dinner to the participants of the Council of the Congregation.


DAY 06:07


We started well our day and we were invited to take a breakfast at the edge of the Paraguay River offered by the Department of Tourism.


The Province of Argentina-Uruguay led the liturgy of this day, inviting us to enter into the dynamic of John's community, celebrating the wedding of Cana, bringing new wine to the suffering realities of our peoples.


On this day a special call for us to be committed to the plan of love that God has for people. This ask us to purify our gaze and to embrace with a deep love, more ethical, and committed citizen. To be aware that our body is not limited to the boundaries of our skin but needs also the excluded and the abandoned because it is the continuing nature of all people with all its diversity, of the richness and Poverty of the planet.


United with a community of Saint John, let us remind ourselves that in us and in our charisma, there is a new wine to be served in a toast and toast in a cosmic hug .


We closed part of this Council of the Congregation with the advice of Cecilia Bentancourt on the 4th Vow.




Morning Prayer - European Province


The European Province led the prayer this morning, inviting us to look more deeply and take the key that opens the door to the future. Accompanied us the icons of our spirituality: the keys of the Mother house and eyeglasses of Santa Emilie. Do not live absorbed in little world but widens the heart and pray together to the great human family.


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